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Name// Charlie
Age// 20
Gender// feemail
Location// New York
Sexuality// bi
Where did you hear about this community// just found it

01. HIM
02. Smashing Pumpkins
03. Blondie
04. The Clash
05. Ramones
06. The Distillers
07. Sex Pistols
08. Social Distortion
09. Green Day
10. Billy Idol
01. Crybaby
02. Sid and Nancy
03. Fight Club
04. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
05. Nightmare Before Christmas
Food// Chinese
Drink// Lime Martini
Candy// Zours
Color// Pink
Song// Razorblade Kiss - HIM
Smell// Gucci Envy Me
Restaurant// Benihana
Place// Disneyland
Actor// Johnny Depp :)
Actress// Marilyn Monroe
Website(besides LJ)// www.rachaelhunnington.com
Store// Bendels
Person// Marilyn Monroe
Subject in school// Art
Book// Autobiography of Vivian
Animal// Ferret or Fox

Random Questions:
Are you a virgin?// nope
Have you ever done any drugs?// yes..pot, cocaine, speed, ecstacy...
What is your prefered body piercing?// Prince Albert, Labret/Snake Bites, or Tongue
What do you like on your pizza?// Pepperoni
Recent shows/concerts you have attended?// No Doubt
What band do you really hate?// Backstreet Boys

More Randoms:
Make us laugh// Hello Homies! This is Shea an BritBrit here! We like handcuffs. And bondage. Only with guys though, so girlys, don't get your hopes up. Or anything else, if you know what I mean. Shea is cooler than Britney. MUUUUCCCHHHHH cooler. Actually, she's much HOTTER than Britney. And more kinky. Hahaha. Britney doesn't think so, but Shea dosen't care. Nope. Nope nope nope. Shea has many problems that will go unnamed in this small space.(You gotta call me if you wanna know about my "problems"...if ya know what I mean. Wink Wink.) But that is besides the point and I love her! But...you really do have bad taste in music. MCR sucks.BLASPHEMY!! MCR DOES NOT SUCK! THE USED DOES> So there. Thats just wrong! They do not!(YOu wish they did.)Actually...I wouldn't mind if Jeph and Quinn sucked...each other. Same goes for Benji and Joel. If only they had a video camera. Yes.Yes. That would be nice. VUrry nice in deed. Squee. As many can probably tell, we like weird things. Well...time to head off. (hehe...head) Holla Back!!!!

i found that in someones profile
Tell us something interesting// that the earths magnetic poles reverse every 3 million years..so magnetic north with be in the south pole and magnetic south will be in the north pole..crazy huh
Most memorable moment of your life// um..first time i had sex? lol
Tell us about your first kiss// um..it was like a random thing..like there was this guy i liked and im like fuck it and i shoved him up against a wall and just stuck my tongue down his throat lol
What do you think of the mods// theyre the fucking hottest chicks ive ever seen 8D

Views On:
Britney Spears// hate that slut
ICP// huh
Bam Margera// awsome cause hes a huge HIM fan like me :)
Nirvana// love them..Curt is great
Michael Jackson// FREAK!
Saves The Day// um..dunno them

PROMOTE US TO A COMMUNITY AND PASTE THE LINK HERE// I'm new here so i really dont know any comms..I've joined like one comm other than this one and I dont think I can advertise in it?

AT LEAST 4 pictures of yourself.

with blonde hair


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