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Name// jon
Age// 17
Gender// m
Location// buffalo, ny
Sexuality// undecided
Where did you hear about this community// random searches

01. ashlee simpson
02. silverstein
03. from autumn to ashes
04. the distillers
05. the postal service
06. elliot smith
07. godsmack
08. saves the day
09. nickleback
10. anything hxc
01. p
02. o
03. r
04. n
05. !...and a walk to remember
Food// sushi
Drink// beer
Candy// pop tarts
Color// black
Song// i wanna fuck a dog in the azz, blink
Smell// pussy
Restaurant// mcdonalds
Place// the shitter
Actor// BAM!!!
Actress// angelina jolie
Website(besides LJ)// lj
Store// hot topic and hollister
Person// me
Subject in school// fuck school
Book// i can't read
Animal// me weiner

Random Questions:
Are you a virgin?// yes
Have you ever done any drugs?// HELLZ YEAH!
What is your prefered body piercing?// head..3 times
What do you like on your pizza?// tittiez
Recent shows/concerts you have attended?// GC!! Rawk on!
What band do you really hate?// lyk...taking back sunday & BN

More Randoms:
Make us laugh// why did the chicken cross the road!?
To make you laugh!
And to see that one girls tittiezzz
Tell us something interesting// sometimes when I'm hand, it bends to the left...
Most memorable moment of your life// when i saw my first pair of cookie nipplez
Tell us about your first kiss// never had one
What do you think of the mods// your titz aren't big enough

Views On:
Britney Spears// nice tits
ICP// HxC!
Bam Margera// SWEET!!
Nirvana// NICE!
Michael Jackson// Idol
Saves The Day// HxC!

dont feel like it

AT LEAST 4 pictures of yourself.
dont have any, dont worry..im hawt

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Alice Song

An oldy but a goody, presented here for the first time.

Yes my singing sucks.
Yes the clave part sucks.
Yes I faded out the synth lead at the end a bit too quickly.
Yes I improvised the last 2 bits because I forgot the lyrics and don't have them written down anywhere.

Got bored and finally recorded it after having it in my head since like... November HAHAHA

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