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Hardcore Cunt

Name// Niki
Age// 17
Gender// Female
Location// Ontario
Sexuality// Straight
Where did you hear about this community// Just came across it

01.The Cure
03.Billy Talent
04.Alice In Chains
05.Smashing Pumpkins
06.Bob Marley
07.No Doubt
08.Bif Naked
10.Jimi Hendrix
03.Breakfast Club
04.Girl Interrupted
05.SLC Punk
Food// Rice
Drink// Pepsi
Candy// ANY!
Color// Pink
Song// Boys Dont Cry - The Cure
Smell// Vanilla
Restaurant// Chinese Buffet
Place// My Bedroom
Actor// Cuba Gooding Jr.
Actress// Dont kno..
Website(besides LJ)//
Store// Garage or Any piercing place.
Person// My mom
Subject in school// Sociology
Book// Of Mice and Men
Animal// Monkey & Bunny

Random Questions:
Are you a virgin?// No
Have you ever done any drugs?// Yes (nothing extreme)
What is your prefered body piercing?// I love all piercings but I have (Tongue,Nose,Ears,Labret,Bellybutton)
What do you like on your pizza?// *Almost* anything...
Recent shows/concerts you have attended?// Vans Warped Tour and Ministry
What band do you really hate?// Sum 41

More Randoms:
Make us laugh// The other night I went to Karaoke with my boyfriend and some friends.. they were giving away prizes that night so myself and 2 other people were picked to play a game called "Name that fart" the d.j gave me 3 answers and no one knew the correct one so I took a guess and I was right it was the "squeeky hing fart" or something along those lines.... I dont know how amusing that is to anyone else but I found the game in general funny!

Tell us something interesting// Some kids grow up without parents and live with wild dogs.. After a certian age they can no longer learn to speak they will only act like the animal they are raised with.
Most memorable moment of your life// This isnt really special but its something I will never forget... My old bestfriend moved away while I was away camping... I came home and on my door step was a big square peice of wood that said " I will miss you.. You're the bestest friend someone could ever have " with sprarkles and stuff on it... Thats something I will never ever forget!
Tell us about your first kiss// Uhm my first real kiss was at a party when I was in grade 6 he made the first move... but the next day he was bragging to his friends saying he went up my shirt which was a complete lie... I WAS IN GRADE 6! *Blah* I dont think I even knew what I was doing then!
What do you think of the mods// I love you! :)

Views On:
Britney Spears// Shes kind of pretty... But I dont like her music...
ICP// Im scared of clowns... and Im not a huge fan of their music
Bam Margera// Hes funny but at times seems like a dink!
Nirvana// Dont really know alot about them but I like some of their music :)
Michael Jackson// He seems very fragile... the kind of person you just want to hug.
Saves The Day// Never listened to them... I dont really care to.


AT LEAST 4 pictures of yourself.

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