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Name// Liz
Location// Sydney Australia
Where did you hear about this community//I just did an interest search..and found it.

01. A perfect circle
02. The cure
03. Slipknot - new stuff
04. Strapping young lad
05. Opeth
06. Inflames
07. Orgy
08. Rob Zombie
09. Jack off jill
10. Smashing pumpkins
01. The labyrinth
02. Back to the future - part 1
03. American history x
04. requiem for a dream
05. Shrek 2
Food// penne pasta
Drink//coke cola
Candy// skittles
Song// a perfect circle - orestes
Smell// hugo boss cologne
Restaurant// well connected (in sydney..a hip/funky cafe..thats also cheap)
Place// my bedroom.
Actor// johnny depp
Actress// christina ricci
Website(besides LJ)//
Store//urban store
Person//my mum
Subject in school// drama/lunch/art and photography
Book//He died with a felafal in his hand
Animal// gold fish/cat

Random Questions:
Are you a virgin?// Nope
Have you ever done any drugs?// yes i have, Ive tried mushrooms, pills and weed and sniffed amil nitrate - the stuff that gay men sniff to relax their muscles..before they go for the plunge..I smoke ciggies and drink alcohol
What is your prefered body piercing?// eyebrows/nipples/surface piercings
What do you like on your pizza?// meat..bbq sauce and onions..cheese.
Recent shows/concerts you have attended?// I go to gigs every week, usually local aussie bands, Ive seen alot of rock bands: The optionals, The cassanovas, Bit by bats, Walrus, Starky, The spazzys, Zombie ghost train; rockabilly punk. The shine, Sway, Hell city glamour.(Ive seen sway and hell city glamour more then 12 times..).And then ive seen A perfect circle, that was the last concert i went too, I think it was in february. Next week Im off to a gig, some bands some may know or not..Cog, Frankenbok and someothers i cant remember the name of.
What band do you really hate?// hrrm, I dont.

More Randoms:
Make us laugh// Im trashed..and oh so tired, and yes i have nothing.
Tell us something interesting// My parents are both deaf..and im not fluent in sign language..really doesnt help that i dont know it..
Most memorable moment of your life// travelling to Oahu (honolulu) by myself for a month when i was 17.
Tell us about your first kiss// It was odd..i was 16. i randomly pashed a boy at a dance club and instead of it being the most amazing kiss of all, it was the worst, my mouth was full of saliva and i had no clue as to what to do..I felt like i was just opening my mouth for him to spit in it. Ended up wipping my mouth on his sleave and walked away..upset..confused..the week after i was sick.
What do you think of the mods// Hrrm, purty..yes that would be pretty.

Views On:
Britney Spears// I'd do her.
ICP//insane clown possee..heh..never really got into them.
Bam Margera// The most delectable creature on this planet.
Nirvana// I Have one of their albums. Didnt mind them at first..still dont really, but i go to an alternative/hardcore/goth club each week and you have no idea how often they play it. Way too much for my liking. Ive never cared for kurt cobain and couldnt give a toss what anyone thought.
Michael Jackson// He's the king of pop...back in the day anyways. Dont really care for his recent albums, they just never really gave the rush, that i usually get when i like something. And i havent really got a say in whats going on with him now. There are so many sides to this and im sure i can go on forever and ever about it but honestly i dont care.
Saves The Day// that a band?! of course it


AT LEAST 4 pictures of yourself.

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