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Age// 17 in 21 more days!
Gender// Girl
Location// DC area (if I say virginia, I sound like a hick, but whateva')
Sexuality// Lesbian
Where did you hear about this community// lj search under "cunt"


01. sleater kinney
02. bikini kill
03. le tigre
04. peaches
05. outkast
06. johnny cash
07. bitch and animal
08. the pixies
09. David Bowie
10. Belle & Sebastian
01. But I'm a Cheerleader
02. Being John Malcovich
03. The Princess Bride
04. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
05. The Children's Hour (but for christ sakes, don't watch that movie when you're sad cause it'll make ya ball yer eyes out)
Food// Artichoke hearts with vinigar
Drink// milk...makes bones strong *flex bad ass-muscles*
Candy// Urg, does ice cream count?
Color// pink...I sound cliche, but I'm a girl
Song// Balled of a Lady man by sleater kinney
Smell// freshly-fucked smell, which isn't actually that appealing, but it sure does bring back great memories, now don't it :)
Restaurant// This little dinner place near my house where they know what I want to eat every time I go in
Place// Any type of dance studio
Actor// Christopher Walken
Actress// Judy Garlend
Website(besides LJ)//
Store// Umm... The Pleasure Palace which is a porno store in dupont, the gay part of DC where I can find all dandy sorts o thangs.
Person// My best friend for 6 years, Sabrina
Subject in school// History, to be general, but I plan on studying women's studies
Book// The Importance of Being Earnest
Animal// dog, mine in particular

Random Questions:
Are you a virgin?//
Not with either sex, thank you!
Have you ever done any drugs?// surprisingly enough, I've never touched anything, not even alcohol or pot. I don't look down on people who do engage in such activities, after all, everyone has their addictions, I just prefer to indulge my impulses with sex rather than drugs.
What is your prefered body piercing?// I've only got two in each ear, and I did have a labret, but I love folks with tongue studs
What do you like on your pizza?// Nothing but cheese because I'm boring
Recent shows/concerts you have attended?// Bob Dylan and David Bowie (Im going to see the pixies in december, and I can't WAIT!)
What band do you really hate?// Toby Keith, who really isn't a band, rather an annoying hillbilly who crawled outta TN to piss off all other brain-owning life forms.

More Randoms:
Make us laugh//
My dog was finally able to catch his tail, so now he's got a big bald spot on his tail where he keeps biting it...he's not too smart.
Tell us something interesting// I honestly enjoy my period
What's your most prominant memory// Coming out to my parents
Tell us about your first kiss// It was it Lauren Price, my best friend in 6th grade, who was curious to what kissing felt like. She's now the lead cheerleader :)
What do you think of the mods// To be quite frank, their pictures were certainly pleasent to see and gave me an extra boost to try and join.

Views On:
Britney Spears//
What can I say, I think she's hot, and I'd tap that ass. Her music is real fun to dance to, particuarly toxic.
ICP// Ay caramba, we're talkin Insane Clown Posse? I can't stand them, pretenious fucks.
Bam Margera// He's got the viva la bam TV show, right? Eh, I don't have an oppinion.
Nirvana// Overrated by far, and they took the majority of their work from Kathleen Hannah and Black Francis, but they did get grunge to the masses, so kudos to kurt.
Michael Jackson// He has taught me to never ever let my child into show business at age 10.
Saves The Day// Um, not really into that kinda music, I enjoy punk, but more riot grrl punk stuff. I'm not into a lotta guy bands basically.


AT LEAST 4 pictures of yourself.

on the left (duh)

me in my sleater kinney shirt, yay!

I'm just so mature.

happy voting, kiddos!
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