Murk (fight_to_unite) wrote in hardcore_cunts,

Random Lyrics...Because Im Bored As Fuck

Woke up hung like a ton of bricks.
Don't know where the hell i am.
Whos this naked next to me?
What did i do i gotta pee!
Can't work or go to school today.
Can't remember if i do that anyways.
Got some money got no cllue the world's a mess what can i do.

I hate my life.
I hate my life.

Crashed the car lost the job.
I'm dirty smelly total slob.
Lot's of sex little love.
Stimulation no satisfaction.
Life is hard.
Life is stress.
Life is such a pain in the ass.
Saturday nite, i'm not dressed.
How can i go on!

I hate my life!
I hate my life

Your life's so bad!
They're gonna take it take it all away,
Complain, complain life sucks anyway
If it's all so hard let them take it all away.
Why the competition, why stress to death be happy with what You have most have so much less i hope some day we realize How good it really is.
Yeah, i may hate my life at times!
But i always try to live
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